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Important Question: Would you like another round of So I Made You A Mixtape?

Email if you’re in for a February round. If we get enough people involved, it’s on til the break of dawn.



Retro GIF Booth: "…Baby One More Time" turns 15 today.

we are all old. see you in the retirement home.



Ok, well, it’s a 48 second sample of a new Prince jam. But it’ll be the best 48 seconds of your week. 

Also: LOOK AT THAT COVER. I guess Price really does have a sense of humor…

A little ditty from The Purple One to start your Monday right.

Control (Dirty) Kendrick Lamar by Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick’s verse only

Shots fired!

The answer to an age-old question: Will dancing get you laid?

Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing

Lisa Loeb - Stay

According to Songza, back in 1994, Lisa Loeb reached #1 and “stayed” there with this song for three weeks (no, I will not apologize for what I just did there).