"OctaHate" by Ryn Weaver

I am two months late to this one, but what a pop song, right? It reminds me of a mix of country-pop with that early aughts “alternative-to-Britney”vein of pop that was supposed to sound rebellious, but was as sugary-sweet in its production and hooks as the more showy gems. I only just heard this a couple of days ago and I’ve already got those verses memorized. That’s the sign of a great track. 

Julian Velard - No One’s Getting Married Tonight

My super singer-songwriter/pianist friend created a music during his own wedding reception, and it’s nothing short of fabulous. Even better — his wife had no idea. AWWW.

He’s also got a superb new album out right now — a concept record about the greatest city on Earth: NYC. Check it out. It’s worth every penny. - J

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